His face appears in my nightmares. It has been a few days.

And I remember, like it is happening all over again.

Those eyes, which tore into us, unflinching, cruel…

The smile, more of a smirk, that curled upwards in a predatory grimace…

It’s all just a game for him, the discomfort and fear he causes.

Because we are only girls, we are easy targets right?

Feeling trapped, on all sides…

“Why were we so naked?”


Eyes around us watching, yet no one coming to our rescue.

Everyone is blissfully ignorant. We are miles from help.

My mind goes into overdrive. No one’s going anywhere without a fight.


And so, we do the only thing we can…

We run.

We run, because we don’t stand a chance against eight men. We run, because in our minds, we have already lost.

Our souls have been raped.

Forced to seek refuge from the men of our own country, in the hands of those who are foreign to us.

Because in this country, that is what women must do to survive.





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