God Bless America

Take a long, hard look at yourselves America. This is what we’ve done.

By protesting the unfair choice between two absolutely unsuitable candidates, we have chosen to remain silent. And while silent protest may have worked in Gandhian times, it has ruined many, many lives. We just don’t know it yet.

Recent events have shed light on a lot of Trump’s tumultuous past, and all of it has been horrifying. A man who is the epitome of contradiction, who claims his most admirable quality is his business sensibilities and yet has been bankrupt multiple times. A man who claims that he has “nothing but respect” for woman, yet engages in “locker room talk” and is suspect to assaulting several women. A man whose defence to allegations with enough proof is to shout denial and then try to shift the blame on others (with about the same maturity level as a five year old). It’s the basic, “No I didn’t do it, but hey look! She’s done a lot worse!”

Oh America, take a look at our glorious leader, a man who is now the face of our country. Who is now supposed to act “diplomatic”. A word which is clearly not in his dictionary.

A man who now has the power to undo a great president’s eight years of hard, dedicated work, with no remorse.

A man whose sole aim is to treat America as a business. Well, I’ve got news for you. America is not the next Wal-Mart. Donald Trump plans to increase USA debt by billions, which is something we frankly cannot afford.

I could go on about how distasteful I find Donald Trump ranging from his boisterous, plain rude disposition to his stance on immigration to his disgusting hair, but I want America to realize just one thing. By electing Donald Trump, you have not only jeopardised your future, but the future of the entire world. Well played.

Don’t agree with him on Obamacare? Fine, it’s okay, healthcare can wait.

The wall? Of course it’s unfair, but it can wait.

And what about his “great” plan to defeat ISIS? Take my word folks, ISIS isn’t our biggest problem.

The United States of America has long been one of the greatest emitters of carbon dioxide. The Paris Agreement is one of the greatest achievements by any collective group of nations towards climate change, which was supported by Obama. The world hangs in a delicate balance, and if Trump decides to go on with is plans, the scales will tip, in an irredeemable manner.

Because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. And by electing him, you have sealed the world’s doom. The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and it is very possible that we will begin to feel its backlash, on a much greater scale than we are feeling it now.

Trump’s answer to climate change? A Chinese “hoax”

Trump’s solution? “Drill, baby drill”

This is a man willing to pull out money from years of funded research in order to rebuild infrastructures, but if there is no longer land for the infrastructure, what happens then? What’s the point of it all?

Oh Donald Trump! Please choose wisely. Please open your eyes. I’m begging you. For the sake of humanity. Please.

May God save America. May God save us all.



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