It’s a normal day. Perfectly normal.

Until it isn’t.

Because today, it all ends.

The pain in his heart, the rejection, the hurt…

He’s forgotten himself, he’s forgotten where he comes from, he’s forgotten everything that ever meant anything to him. He’s forgotten that he’s just a kid.

Just a kid.

His vision is poisoned by hate. His heart is locked in a cemented wall.

He is a killing machine.

And each bullet he fires is like fuel to his crazed brain, it’s exhilarating, and he’s never felt more powerful.

But the pain still stays.

The gun he holds in his hand has now given him a name. It will forever be his name in history.

And the pain will be forgotten, written away, spit on…

Because now, he is just a murderer.

Nobody wants to know how a murderer feels like. Nobody cares. Nobody pities them.

And for that reason, his cries will go unheard. He has nothing to live for.

He isn’t the only one.




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