Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is our favorite game.
You hide and I’ll count to ten.

Sometimes I hide and you search the crowd for a familiar face.

1… I close my eyes


In my mind I have already kept tabs on all your possible moves.

Behind a lamp post, in front of endless steps.

You could be anywhere.

3… Sometimes, you disappear for weeks.


There are days when I don’t want to play anymore.

5… After all, this is just a children’s game.

6… Maybe that’s all we are, that’s all we ever were.

7… Do you even know we are playing? 

8… Nothing is off limits, and so I know I may have to wander endlessly, wondering if I will ever see your face again.

9… I will keep searching a sea of strangers until the day I wake up and forget what your face looks like. Just for the joy of winning. I’ve always been a sore loser.

It’s almost time to open my eyes and begin again.

But this time, I wish 10 wouldn’t be the next number.

Because even the best games get old.

I don’t want to search anymore. I don’t want to seek.

But I can’t help myself, so

10… Ready or not here I come.


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