One Day.

My Dear,

One day, there will be a woman who will look at you a certain way and you will remember why you fell for her every time.

She will be the one who takes your boyish charm, and brings out the best in you.

She will be the one you want to see everyday. No matter where she is. She will make you go the distance. She will make you want to spend three hours on the bus just to see her smile for one.

One day, there will be a girl who will make all your 2 am knocks on the front door last forever.

And she will be the one who makes you rise above all the noise and listen to what really matters.

I hope you find her, wherever she is. I hope that she will be the person to you that I once wished I was.

I’m no judge of character. But something tells me that you are better than you try to be. And I know that you can be. 

Be the person that you are proud of. Be the person that doesn’t need to listen to his friends to make his own choices. Be the person who you can respect. That version of you is in there somewhere.

I may never say this to you the way I will now. And in two weeks we may never meet again. A time in my life is about to be over, but a part of me wants to remember you. And I can’t help wishing you would remember me.

I see you from time to time. There’s so much I wish I could say but the boundaries of what is proper tell me the past is to be left alone. And in two weeks I will no longer pretend to be oblivious as my mind searches the crowds. There will be no crowds to search.

I see you. And as I take a look, trying to fuse this last memory of you to my brain, I realize…

There is nothing left to say.


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